Nikkindenji GT-100 Ultra Thin Silicon

Nikkindenji Ultra Thin Silicon Steel Core

  • Conventional silicon steels are widely used for electrical power apparatus, electrical components of industrial products, and home electronics. However, most silicon steel strips are thicker than 0.20mm and only applied to apparatus operated at industrial frequencies.
  • The ultra-thin silicon steel strips are suitable for being used at higher frequencies. The thickness of the silicon steel strips haVE been reduced to the world's thinnest level, reducing the core loss caused by eddy currents. Combined with the insulation coating technology, the lamination factor is improved.
  • The ultra-thin silicon steel strips improve energy consumption and reduce size in high-frequency reactors, transformers, and motors.
  • The ultra-thin silicon steel strips reduce cost and improve the equipment performance at high frequencies.
nikkindenji ultra thin electrical steel coil gt-100 silicon datasheet

Application area

GT-080 ultra thin silicon reactor transformer


  • silicon steel cores oa cores for power transformers
  • special shaped wound cores rectangular cores
  • ultra thin silicon silicon steel toroidal transformer cores power transformer core
  • gt-100 ultra thin silicon silicon steel c cores and e cores
  • Materials

    We use the following soft magnetic materials to manufacture magnetic cores of different sizes:

    Steel mill Grade


    23JGSD085/ 23JGH090

    Nippon Steel

    23ZDMH085/ 23ZH090


    GT-040/ GT-050/ GT-080/ GT-100


    B18R065/ B20R065 / B23P085


    23QG095 / 23RK085 / 20Q760


    23SQGD085 / 23SQG090

    Capability Limit dimensions:

    Main processes:

    Optional finishes:


    Quality control: